Membership Renewal Starts on November 1, 2022

November 1, 2022, is the start of the Pickleball Club Renewal period.  Dues are $20 for 2023.  Please read the instructions and contact George Cox if you have any issues or concerns at the email listed at the end of this blast.

2023 Application to Renew Dues
New Requirements

There are new requirements before completing the 2023 Application. Please read carefully to avoid any extra expense and frustrations.

  • All members renewing for 2023 shall verify their dues expiration date on the club’s roster before completing the application. This is a requirement. Log into the roster, following the instructions below, and scroll the page to your name. This can be tedious but using the search option will not display the Renew date. In the far-right column, you will find your Renew date. If it is 2023-01-01, you have not renewed for 2023. If it is 2024-01-01, then you have renewed your dues for 2023. If you are unable to find your name, then you were probably not a member in 2022. You may proceed to complete the renewal application. Those not following this instruction will NOT be refunded the overpayment for a duplicate application. It will be considered a club donation.
  • It is strongly advised to follow the Detailed Instructions for completing the application. It will help avoid errors, especially typing addresses. Applications with incorrect information or containing errors will not be processed until all other applications have been processed and the information has been corrected. This will significantly delay processing. The detailed instructions link can be found on the first page of Membership Application or at the courts in the first breezeway entrance.
  • Please retain the username and password for the Member Roster. It is the number one question received throughout the year.

2023 Membership Renewal is Open

The application to renew dues for 2023 is now available. When you renew your dues, your renewal date will change to 2024-01-01. Please carefully review your entries before submitting. As stated above, applications with errors will not be processed until all other applications have been processed, significantly delaying it. If you do not receive an email notification that your application has been processed, first check the roster and look at the expiration date. If the expiration has not changed within 2 weeks of your application submittal, complete the Roster Update Request Form to possibly correct application errors. If that does not resolve the problem, you may contact the Membership Chair.

Member Roster Login Instructions

Go to the club website and click on the Membership tab and then click on Roster.  You may also click on this link:  Then click on “Go Directly to the Roster, Password Required”.  Contact the Membership Chair for the Username and Password.

Additional Information

2023 name badge stickers for all members will not be issued until the sticker parties in January and February. One additional note, if you use an Apple device, iPhone or iPad, to complete the application and encounter errors, you must go to Settings, scroll to Safari, scroll to Clear History and Website Data, and click to clear it. This is a known issue with these devices. Once cleared you will be able to complete and submit the application.

Please take a little extra time completing the application and reviewing it before submitting. Your help will be appreciated.

George Cox
Membership Chair
SCG Pickleball Club