Next Week’s Happenings

We are in the last day of November.  Time is flying by.  

  1. Next week on Monday, December 5 at 3PM, there will be a New Member Orientation held in the Mesquite Room in the Sonoran Plaza.  If you are new to Grand or the club, this meeting is very informational.
  2. Victor Moreno is looking for volunteers to help out with the Ball Machine Skills and Drills that happens every Wednesday from noon – 3PM on courts 1-8.  If you can help him and the club out, we would very much appreciate it.  
  3. December 13 at 3-5PM in the Agua Fria room located in the Cimarron Center, we will be having the December Club Members Meeting.  The agenda will be posted soon, but it is the Pickleball Club’s board voting/election meeting.  Please try to attend.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays