February Pickleball Club Members Meeting

Below is the Agenda for the February Pickleball club members meeting being held on Tuesday, February 14 from 4-6PM in the Agua Fria room at the Cimarron Center.

  1. Call to Order:
  2. Introduce any new members.
  3. Secretary’s Report: Approve the January 2023 Board meeting minutes.
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Approve the December 2022 Treasurer’s report.


  1. Attendance: Membership is already at 1,745.  January had 7,799 people swipe in.
  2. DEN Update  
  3. New Court Committee update


  1. Tournament Update:  Linda Hoggatt is the Tournament Director 
  2. Club Balls – Update
  3. Court resurfacing
  4. Food Drive – Update
  5. Drop-in
  6. Open the floor to questions.
  7. Adjourn meeting.

Remember to
Have fun, play pickleball.