So, You Want To Be A Monitor

So, after receiving over 50 email responses on the need for having monitors during club member drop-in, I realized that quite a few people did not know how to monitor. what it entails to be a monitor, how to sign up for monitoring and more.  

It really is quite simple.  It starts on the club’s website.  Under the Monitor Tab, it has the Monitor requirement policy, the guidelines and procedures, and underneath the red writing on the page is the Monitor Signup Calendar and instructions.  When you do sign up to be a monitor, the picture below shows where the (3) monitor books are located in the pavilion.  Each book is the same and has all of the information that you might need while being a monitor.  The forms needed, calendar of events, court layouts, clinics, emergency forms, and guest forms and much, much more.  You can look through the books at any time to familiarize yourself on being a pickleball monitor.   
I hope that this email clears up some of the questions that members have had.

Have fun, play pickleball.