Drop-In Changes

Please note the changes in Drop-In starting tomorrow. 
This picture shows that the paddles in the red area are the next up with 4 more in the blue area.  As the next court becomes open, the red group has that open court and will continue to have it until 2 other paddles/players join the first 2.  Previously the 4 in blue could jump in front of the red group as a ready to play group.  As of tomorrow, that no longer applies. The red group has the priority.  

There is a new paddle holder for courts 17&18.  Players wanting to utilize courts 17 & 18 must use this holder.  
The paddle holders by court 19 is now for courts 19-22 only. 
This is all a work in progress, so be patient with the changes.  

Lastly, we have a label maker available to club members and my wife Susan will be around the courts during Drop-In tomorrow and Saturday if you want to make a name label for your paddles.  This will help Pam and Craig find the rightful owners.

See you around the courts.