Over the past few months, I have been approached by club members (usually upset with some type of complaint) almost daily.  It mostly happens at Drop In.  It happens as soon as I walk in the breezeway.  People have been coming onto the courts that I’m playing on while I’m playing a point.  Interrupting the game until I talk to them or standing at the fence looking at me until I acknowledge them, which is unfair to me and the members that I am playing with. 

Drop In is my chance to relax and enjoy myself, and I have the right to be undisturbed at the courts.  

If there is an emergency of some type, I am glad to help out, but we have 3 monitors on duty to assist with any issue during the Drop In period. 
If you have an urgent need, either call me on the phone or email me to make an appointment. 

We have 1990 club members at this time and only 1 of me.

Thanks for your understanding.