Court Updates

A lot of things are happening around the courts, but first a public service announcement.  
It was brought to my attention that people who are playing pickleball at night are using the pool and hot tub at the Cimarron center and not leaving in a timely manner.  Please be OUT of the Cimarron Center by 9PM, not after. 

Let’s all remember that dogs are not allowed inside of the pickleball courts and leave it at that. Thank You 

First, the courts have been resurfaced and finally all of the windscreens have been replaced and it looks great.  The court cleaning team is doing a fantastic job in maintaining them.  
Second, we are in the middle of a pickleball ball test.  We are testing our current ball (Franklin X40) against the new Selkirk Pro S1 ball. The test is to see about the play of the ball, the durability of the ball and most importantly, whether it breaks easily.  We should have the new balls (Selkirk) on the court for play by Monday.  
We will also have the new paddle holders that Keith Darrow built for the club installed (1 for courts 1-4, 1 for courts 5-12, 1 for courts 13-18 and 1 for courts 19-22) and ready to use sometime this weekend.  

Tournament update – whether you are playing or just a spectator during our in-house tournament (December 11-12 from 9am -?) there will be a lot of things to see and do.  Lots of good fast paced pickleball.  
Vendors to help with your holiday shopping.  
Food and Snacks (The pavilion will have snacks and a multitude of desserts, free for everyone) and a Food tent and grill set up in the parking lot by the pavilion offering Hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, chips and desserts (players get 1 free meal and spectators can purchase a meal for a nominal fee)  
Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the 2-day event, and we have a ton of prizes to be won, ranging from gift cards to paddles.  Each day will have its own prize packages and you do not have to be present to win.  Winning numbers will be posted around the courts and an email will be sent out for any unclaimed prizes.  This is going to be a fun event for everyone

See you around the courts.