Important Pickleball BOD Election Update

Please read the below email from Mel Langer:

December 10, 2023


There is a Chartered Club policy, that has an excerpt reading as follows:

ELECTION AND TERM OFFICE: “No officer shall serve more than four consecutive years in the same office, however by a 2/3 vote of the membership voting at the time of the election, individuals may succeed themselves”.

Per the opinion of Grand’s legal counsel, ALL people running for the Board, must have their name on the ballot, and be voted in by the membership.

When someone is running unopposed, we must provide space for write-in candidates. The ballot complies with this.

To sum up:

Eileen, and any member at large nominee, will need only a plurality of the votes to serve for the next two years.

Troy will need to get two thirds of the vote to continue as president.

Mel Langer
Election Committee Chair

See you around the courts.