2023, A look back and a look ahead to 2024

Well, it’s just hours away from a brand-new year and I thought that I would take a few minutes to look back at the last 365 days in Grand at the pickleball courts.  

First off, we lost some very beloved club members, and they will be truly missed.   

On to happier moments:
– We had a record number of members join the club.  2049 members are in the Grand Pickleball Club with Susan Meyer being the very last member to join us just a few minutes ago.  Please make her feel welcome if you see her around the courts.  
– Over 73,000 members swiped in during 2023, also a new record
– All 22 courts were resurfaced and look great. 
– New windscreens were installed around the courts. 
– Used almost 6000 balls at a cost of almost $12000 
– Found a new ball (Selkirk Pro S1) that seems to play very well and should save us money 
– We had 2 In-House tournaments that raised money for a charity and a new vacuum cleaning machine. 
– A new sidewalk was put in behind courts 20-21-22 to allow our members to go between the courts safely. – Keith Darrow built brand new paddle holders to be used during Drop In each day. 
– I sent out 138 email blasts during the year to keep everyone up to speed on our club. (Not a record) 
– 1691 members renewed during 2023 
– 358 new members joined the club in 2023

Now, looking forward to 2024. 
– First, Renewal starts at midnight tonight.  Cost is $30 for renewing with a monitor/volunteer credit or $50 to renew without a credit and $50 for a new member.  
– Rally scoring becomes mandatory every day, starting tomorrow morning (January 1, 2024) at Drop In.  
– Ladders starts next Monday (January 8 for Men’s, January 9 for Ladies, and January 11 for Mixed at 4:30 PM) Email Mark Meier at Mark@relaxedrver.com with any questions or concerns 
– Clinics will start at some time in January 
– Pickleball Den – Any issues or questions about this, please contact Mark Meier at Mark@relaxedrver.com
– January Club Members General meeting is January 9, 2024, at 3PM in the Agua Fria room in the Cimarron Center. 

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season and here is to a better 2024.

See you around the courts.