Sticker Party Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday (January 27, 2024), we will be having a Sticker Party from 9AM until Noon in the pickleball pavilion.

What is a Sticker Party?  A Sticker Party is where you can get your 2024 sticker for your badge and have a cup of coffee and a donut (Provided by Mike and Cheri Cameron). 
Simply bring all of your badges and your CAM card.  We will have you swipe it and give you your new blue 2024 sticker.  
We will have a desk set up to help solve any problems and another table to help you register/renew if that is needed.  
This past Saturday, we processed over 80 renewal applications.  This was not our intent.   If you had an issue, we would be there to help.  Please try and fill out your application before the sticker party, and if there is an issue, we can help you out.

There will also be a table where you can have a name and phone number label made for your paddle(s)

After January 27th, you can still get a sticker from any Board member or my wife Susan.  

See you around the courts.