New Card Readers at the Courts


Club members:  As you know, new QR readers have been installed at the courts.  So now, instead of “swiping” in, you will “scan” in. 

The back of your CAM card should have a QR code.  If it does not have a QR code, you will need to go to the membership office in the Palm Center and get a new card.  The Board has been assured that club members who do not have a QR code on the back of their CAM cards will not be charged for a new card.  You will be required to turn in your old card when you get the new card. 

It is very important that you scan your card when you come to the courts.  If you make a court reservation and do not scan in, the new software that we are using tells us that you have not done so.  We will be monitoring this.  If the person who makes a court reservation does not scan in, we will assume that you are a no-show.  Repeated no-shows will eventually be sanctioned. So please, scan in!

There are many different ways to scan in.  Here is a list of how you can do so easily:

  • Scanning the QR code on the back of your CAM card,
  • Scanning the QR code from your phone or watch,
  • Scanning the QR code from the Grand or Chelsea app.,
  • Scanning the QR code from the Court Reserve app.,
  • Inputting the resident number on the front of your CAM card directly into any one of the three card readers at the courts.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation in using this new system!

If you have any questions or issues with the new system, please contact Mark Meier at

See you around the courts.