Let the Games Begin


The Grand Games V are set to begin this Saturday (March 23 and 24). 

Your Tournament Directors (Laura Forbes, Troy Konz and mentored by Verlin Chalmers) have been working long hours to get everything in place. 

The tournament is now closed, and the brackets/pools are all set with matches scheduled and courts assigned. 

Rally scoring will be used throughout the tournament.

There will be an Admin tent (large white tent by court 9) where you will check in (using pickleball den and a check in code or by using a QR code) and get your swag bag. In your bag is a t-shirt, meal ticket, wrist band and a “Vial of Life container. 

The first tent you will see by court 17, is a red tent that houses our volunteer check in desk, our information desk, and First Aid.

If you signed up to volunteer, please stop at the tent to check in and get your assignment. There will be a TV at the desk to help spectators find out where their friends and loved ones are playing.

Raffle tickets will be sold for prizes such as 12-13 nice paddles, gift cards, Selkirk backpack bags, hats, and much more including an extremely nice, donated quilt hand made by Deb Pelegrin. Moneys raised will go towards the purchase of a new court cleaning machine.

Food is available for the cost of a meal ticket or a $7 donation. The food tent will be open from 11AM until 3PM daily. The menu features Hamburger/Cheeseburgers-Hot Dogs- Pulled Pork Sandwich- Veggie Burgers- Chips and soda.

If you volunteered to donate a dessert, please drop it off at the pavilion by 9AM each day.  The desserts do not have to be plated, just put them in a disposable container and we will plate them.

Listed below are the check in times and the projected start times. This is based on everyone being checked in at least a half hour before the start play time.

In the event of a team/partner not showing up on time, that team could forfeit matches until the complete team shows up.

Saturday check in times                                                      Start Play Times

7AM – 3.0 Women/3.0 Men/4.0 women/4.0 Men             8AM

10AM – 2.5 Women/3.5 Senior Men                                      1030AM

1100AM – 3.5 Women/4.5 Men                                              1130AM

1230 PM – 3.5 Men/4.5 Women                                              1PM                         

Sunday check in times                                                      Start Play Times

7AM – 3.5 Mixed (all)/4.0 Mixed                                             8AM

930AM – 2.5 Mixed/3.0 Mixed/4.5 Mixed                             1030AM

Please do not make line calls if you are not playing in the game.  This was an issue at the last tournament.  Do not bring chairs or food on an empty court to watch adjacent play.  There are extra chairs in the breezeways to watch the matches.

 It should be a great weekend of fun for all.