St. Mary’s Food Bank and Free Pizza Party

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1) Successful day at St. Mary’s Food Bank
Pizza Party, Wednesday, March 4th

19 Members and spouses Volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank
We want to thank the following PB Club members and some spouses that volunteered their time this morning 9am-12:00pm, sorting hundreds of pounds of donated food and repacking up to 12 pallets of donated snacks. Please if you know them, ask about the experience they had…it was rewarding!


Cathy and Steve Hennefer  (Cathy is the Team Leader for the Monday session)
Tom Burger
Tresa Van Fassen
Pat Krueger
Kathy and Jack Quintrall
JoAnn Hart
Bill Holt
Gene and Irene Pearl
Judy Spaulding
Sue Nourse
Pat Beggs
Karen Carlson
Jan Scheid
Judy and Pete Penick
Bob Ellis


After a quick tour of the facility they divided the group into two teams, repacking and sorting. The two groups worked great as teams and got an amazing amount of work completed. It was a fun time for all. The tasks were easy with no heavy lifting. We had a break at 10:30 where water/coffee and donuts were provided. Three people signed up for their kids cafe on Monday’s where an assembly line of volunteers make 4,000-5000 kids meals a day, which starts their shift at 7:30am every day, Mon-Fri. 


If you would like to join in the “fun” and feel good after volunteering after just 3 hours for a very worthy cause our next team time event is this Thursday,1:00pm-4:00pm. Please contact Diane Kwiatkowski, our other team leader at if you would like to volunteer this Thursday.
To clarify, there is no weekly commitment (they appreciate any time you can donate) and this is an ongoing volunteer opportunity, as they need even more help when the snowbirds leave. After you go through a “training session” on a Monday (9-noon) or a Thursday(1-4pm), with our Club, you can then come anytime, M-F. 9-12 or 1-4.


Some tips and musts. If you need your glasses to read expiration dates on food items, bring them. Dress casual, shorts, jeans but closed toe shoes, sneakers are a must. They also have tasks for those who may need to sit for extended periods of time. The Pickleball Club was credited with 57 hours of volunteer time just from this mornings group. Again, thank you all that came this morning!
Free Pizza Party, Wednesday, March 4th, 11:00am-2:00 pm @ Cimarron Pavilion


The Club is sponsoring a pizza party on March 4th at the Cimarron Pavilion. This is for Club members only! This is for Club members only! It will be limited to 2 large slices from a choice of many one topping pizza’s from Lucky’s Pizza. The Club will  also provide water (donated by Nancy Muslin…thank you Nancy) and cookies from Sam’s. This will be on the honor system in regards to the 2 slices. We will not require your CAM card but your SCG Pickleball Membership badge will be required. We have ordered what we feel we will need for the three hours, with deliveries coming at 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00. We do have some leeway in adjusting for the amount we order, up or down depending on demand, but as this is our first attempt at a free pizza party please be understanding. No need for everyone to come at 11:00, as mentioned previously, deliveries will be coming every hour. We hope to see you there and enjoy having lunch with your fellow PB Club pickleball players.


Also please contact me if you have any questions about Club matters, as Dennis will be gone until 3/23/15.  Thank you.


Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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