Many Important Items

What’s in this email

1) Items Found on Courts
2) Show CAM Cards at AM/PM Drop Ins
3) Skill Level Drop Ins
4) PM Drop In time change
5) Vendor Day 2/27
6) Reserving courts
7) Tournament Sign ups
8) Emails to Vice President

1) If you find items left on the courts or on any of the benches,
please place the items in the Lost & Found bin in the Pavilion.
The only exception to found items is if you find a paddle, in that
case you contact the VP  Bob Ellis and give him the paddle
along with the court / location & date you found it. The club
will send out an email to try and find the rightful owner.

2) Please continue to bring your CAM cards to the club events, we
ask this because in the near future we may be going to a system that
only requires you to slide your CAM card to check in at club events.
We will keep you informed as to our progress on this new system.
Please be polite to all monitors  if & when they ask you to
show your CAM card.

3) Some skill level drop ins are very full, the event monitors will
use different systems to try and allow everyone equal chances to
play. Some use a timer, some use a winner stays on court rotation
system, regardless, this is all done to try to allow everyone
present a chance to play. Please be polite to the monitors, they are
volunteering their time to help the club run these events.

4) PM/Afternoon drop in has been changed back to 2pm to 4pm, the
reason was a big drop off in members playing around 4pm. Those
courts are now back in the reservations system for anyone to book.

5) We have a Vendor Day scheduled for this Friday 2/27 from 9am to
noon, almost all the vendors will be there, court number 4 will be
reserved for paddle demo only.

6) I have had reports of members with groups reserving more courts
than they are using. If your group does not have enough people to
fill all the courts you have  reserved please release the
unneeded courts thru the reservation system no later than the night
prior. We will be monitoring the usages vs reservations made. As you
can see in Item item 4 the Club is very conscience of its court
scheduling and court usages.

7)The Club is sponsoring a fun, fund raising tournament March 19,20
&21 .Mens doubles, Women’s doubles & Mixed doubles . All
proceeds will be donated to support a local High School Band, so
show your community support for a worthy cause and enter to play and
Have Fun at the same time!

8) Effective 2/25/15 until 3/22/15 please direct all club business /
inquires to the club VP  Bob Ellis.

Thank You
Dennis Raggi

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