Monitors Needed and Other Topics

What’s in this email

1) Need monitors for March and April
2) Vendor Day is tomorrow
3) Suggestion Box
4) Volunteer Court Maintenance Crew
5) Free Pizza Day
6) St. Mary’s Food Bank
7) Membership and activities

1) We have many open dates for monitoring. We missed some monitoring times in February, including today. If you are a snowbird or a renter that returns every year, especially if you are just here Jan- Mar, now is the time to complete your monitoring requirement to save $20 on renewal next year. We have open times as early as this coming Monday so please sign up today. If you are unsure on how to sign up, go to the Club website, then under “Activities” click “monitor schedule”, then “log-in” using “club ” as username and “member” as the password. Click on “add event” and complete the form and submit.

2) Vendor Day is tomorrow from 9:00 to noon. This is the perfect time to try out and purchase that new paddle that will help bring you up to the next level. Court 4 will be reserved just for paddle testing and paddle demo.

3) Suggestion Box. The Board appreciates all the suggestions and feedback left in the suggestion box at the pavilion. We have reacted to many of the suggestions, including, afternoon drop-in, 2 novice drop-ins a week, changing the afternoon drop-in from 2-5:00 to 2-4:00pm, rolling up the bottom of the net so the balls can roll through and ease of cleaning like the Surprise courts are (we are using court 5 as a test), and our latest suggestion of having “chemical ice” in the first aid kit. We will be ordering that today from Amazon, its called Dynarex Instant Cold pack, 5 x 9 and it claims that 1) Activates easily to provide instant relief, 2) Provides an anesthetic effect and 3) Relieves aches and pains. So please keep those great tips and suggestions coming.

4) We would like to recognize and thank Paul Reiss (Mr. Met) and his all volunteer “crew” for keeping the courts clean, especially reacting so quickly after those windy days. If you see them out there blowing off the courts please let them do their job so we all benefit and thank them for helping us all.

5) Reminder Free Pizza Day is next Wednesday, 11:00am – 2:00pm. This is for members only. Please see prior emails or the attached flyer for more details. Hope to see many of you at the Cimarron Pavilion.

6) St. Mary’s Food Bank. We had an excellent turnout last Monday and expect another large group of Club members with their friends and family to volunteer today. Remember this is a non-committal, but on-going volunteer opportunity. Our next “team time” is this Monday, 9:00-noon. Come help out, have some team fun and help out a very good cause that helps feed the kids. Try it one time just for the experience.

7) We are rapidly approaching 1,000 members, currently at 990! Please thank Betty Ponto for processing the new apps she receives daily so quickly and Patti Cretors for having those new badges at the pavilion the next day. Because we have so many members with obviously different tastes, we are attempting to provide a wide variety of “off the court activities” to appeal to as many members as possible. We will keep the members updated and informed with email blasts so please read your emails often.

Also please contact me if you have any questions about Club matters, as Dennis will be gone until 3/23/15. Thank you.

Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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