March Madness Charity Tournament ~ the kids will benefit

Madness Charity

March 19th-Saturday,
March 21st

Proceeds to benefit

Valley Vista Bands
Cheer Pom Band-19

(actual school pic)

Band Wish list

Conductor’s Stand                                Performance Synthesizer


Why They Would Appreciate Our Help


1) Dysart School is facing Six Million Budget Cut  2) Band yearly budget is $30K, only half is funded 3) No funds for new instruments or equipment, just essential expenses.

How Can We Help

1) Fund raise through fun SCG Tournaments 2) Reach out for Court
Sponsors inside and outside Grand 3) Donations from members.

Why Should We Help

1) Supports the community we are part of and belong too. 2) It
shows SCG cares 3) Because we have the means and talent to
help and most important 4) Supporting our best resource…the kids!


Please click here to support this PB Club’s initiative by signing up for the  tournament or donating. For further details contact Victor at: or Sharon at:
Thank you for your support.


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