Name Change from: March Madness Charity Tournament to March Madness Pickleball Charity Games

What’s in this email

1) Name Change to March Madness Pickleball Charity Games
2) Placement of Entrants and Organization of Events
3) Still Plenty of Time to Sign up.

1) March Madness PB CHARITY. After the organizers, Doug Pusateri, Colleen Grimes, Laurie Kilmain, Pauline Avery, Victor Moreno and Bob Ellis met to review final plans they decided to change how the Club has conducted “tournaments” in the past, including this one and make this event more of a “fun pickleball recreational day” for the following reasons:

  • We have over 100 entrants which is very good compared to past “tournaments” but in reality this is only about 10% of our 1,012 members. To bring in more members we decided to make this a truly fun event for all skill levels. The “PB REC Days” will include events that may not seem to be run like normal to some but we feel will be more fun and bring in a lot more members to participate. We are trying a new approach THIS TIME to be more inclusive, so please be understanding and flexible. Remember our goal is to help the kids of Valley Vista HS Band to purchase much needed instruments and equipment.
  • Direct feedback We have been receiving comments from members that they would like to participate in a atmosphere of fun and not the pressure of a “tournament”.
  • The Club has been training and giving lessons to many, many novice players and we are not seeing many of this group signing up. The Club understands when beginners are just starting to get the hang of the game and see the word “tournament” they feel they are not ready for that big step just yet. Now we have removed that fear of “being too new” and will be matching or grouping people and clearly communicating this is for fun and enjoyment. So no excuse now not to sign up and have some fun with your fellow members! Try it, it is for a very worthy cause!  THE KIDS!
  • If someone needs true competition, there are local tournaments in our area.
2) Placement of Entrants
  • The organizers will be placing people in certain groups for this event not only by a determination of their skill but also based on need and compatibility.
  • Divisions may vary in its format as to the number of games played, point total and possible round robin depending on the number of entrants. We will communicate more details on Tuesday after the we have a list all the entrants. We will attempt to have three matches for each player for each event. Details to follow.
  • We hope that all entrants will be flexible and understanding of the process and play the games in the SPIRIT of CHARITY and in Support of the Valley Vista Band. 
3) Still Time to Sign Up. At this time we suggest not mailing in your app, as we need to have them by end of day Monday, 3/16.
  •  Applications are at the courts, (pavilion and walkway) and can be completed and given to any of the organizers.
  • Victor Moreno, will be at the courts Saturday, Sunday and Monday to take your applications, if you miss him call 262-497-8366.


Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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