Membership Meeting Tuesday April 14 and other announcements

What’s in this email

1) Membership Meeting Tuesday April 14, 2015 @ 3:00pm
2) Guest Speaker information
3) Thanks to those volunteering to teach the kids 4/18
4) Paddle Donations for kids Day 4/18/15
5) Summer Court Hours
6) Summer Beginner Lessons
7) One monitor per Club Event
8) Need Volunteers for Summer schedule posting

9) Treasurer’s Report for 1/1/2015 to 3/31/2015

1) Membership Meeting Tuesday April 14. 2015, 3:00pm at Cimarron. Please mark your calendars to attend our membership meeting on Tuesday April 14, 2015. Guest speaker from 3 to 4pm, membership meeting to follow.

2) Guest Speaker information

Guest Speaker: Dr. Drew Anthony D.C. CCSP, MUAC
7077 E Bell Rd Ste 106 Scottsdale    480-544-4545
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Do you ever wonder if you are taking the right supplements? Do you know if your supplements are actually working? Do you wonder if medications are the real answer? Come and find out……

3) Thanks to those volunteering to teach the kids 4/18. We want to thank all 29 members who volunteered to teach the kids and offers to bring “goodies” and paddles. That should be enough to teach the 50+ kids that are coming.

4) The Club is looking for paddle donations for the Band Kids pickleball play day on April 18, 2015. If you still have some of those paddles from the past that are not to be used on our SCG courts, please consider donating them to the kids. They will play at the Surprise courts or at school. Please contact Bob Ellis at Thank you to those who have already offered paddles, the kids will appreciate it.

5) Summer Court Hours. We just received official notification from CAM that the court hours will remain the same, from 7:00am to 9:00pm, for the summer months.

6) Summer Lessons. Because of the overwhelming requests received in CAM’s newcomer event this past week, the Club will be offering beginner lessons to residents during the summer, beginning May 1st. They will be by appointment only and communications with details will be at both rec centers and go out in a community newsletter. Jeff Cretors, Lynn Renick and Bob Ellis have offered to volunteer to provide these Club lessons. These will be the only lessons sanctioned and recognized by the Club for Association liability reasons.

7) One monitor per Club Event. Only one person is allowed to sign up to monitor a Club event, unless prior written approval is granted from the President. Only Club sanctioned events will qualify for a monitor credit.

8) Need Volunteers for Summer schedule posting. We need Club members to volunteer to post daily court scheduling sheets at the courts bulletin board for May and June. The more people that help the less one person has to do. Please email Doug Pusateri at if you can help.

9) The Treasurer’s Report for the period 1/1/2015 to 1/31/2015 has been posted to the website at

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