Pickleballs being wasted

1) Pickleballs being wasted

We have recently become aware of some strange incidences regarding the balls.  Sleeves have been overloaded, balls without cracks thrown into the baskets on the fence, and extra balls left on the courts when sleeves are filled.
We believe someone(s) has been going into the storage area and taking out several new balls for their courts on a regular basis. Balls are not cheap and we can play with balls that have been used before. That doesn’t mean we don’t all LIKE new balls. But we don’t need a new one at all times.  There were even new balls in the ball trash basket on a court.
To help remedy the problem, the code to the storage door is being changed immediately and will be changed on a regular basis.  The Club has someone assigned to make sure we have a volunteer that checks the ball sleeves and refills them on a daily basis, so this is no reason for anyone but the volunteer assigned for that day to be getting balls out of the storage room.
Also, we are still finding trash (empty water balls, wrappers, etc.) in the ball trash baskets. Please, these are just for cracked balls and not a garbage pail. There are plenty of trash cans outside the courts.
For those playing in the morning and late evening please report any misuse of balls to myself or Bob Ellis. We thank everyone for their full co-operation and adherence to this policy.
The Board is looking forward to the fall and getting back into full swing. We have received notice from CAM we got the sunshades request approved and they will be installed shortly. We are currently working with CAM on getting covered benches for inside the courts like we see in the tennis area.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, 

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

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