We are looking for a few good men/women with the following visionary leadership style as Pickleball board members that make a difference and who possesses some of the following characteristics:

  • Visionary and future focused
  • They possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • The new board leaders are risk takers, balancing the need to take chances with the traditional stewardship responsibilities of board service.
  • They are good communicators, understanding the importance of effective communication at all levels and they organize the board and its committees accordingly.
  • They are systems thinkers seeking to understand the root causes and forces that shape the issues and challenges they will face in the boardroom.
  • They look for courses of action that will exert the highest possible leverage as they respond to those issues.
  • With creative insight and common sense practicality, we encourage you to consider a key role as a Pickleball Board Member
  • We want to step back from the current issues of new Pickleball courts and create a fun and high energy club that reflects each of it’s members.
  • Time is running out with only 6 weeks before nominations at the October 13th member meeting. If we do not have a board, the clubs charter will be revoked and that going forward the Pickleball courts would be run by CAM, including court reservations, etc.

The available positions are: President and Vice President

What are the duties of these positions? Click on the links and find out!

President – Duties
Vice President – Duties

The great thing about our club has always been the members. It’s why we have so much fun and enjoy the game so much. Anyone stepping up and running for office will have the support and help of our membership. A wealth of information and help is available from the current Board as well as previous Board members. “YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE”.

To express your interest or for more information, please contact one of the nominating committee members listed below:

Sharon Navratil
Linda Durkee
Nancy Hebeda

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