Important Updates and Messages

What’s in this email?

1) Need Volunteers. Good time to earn monitoring credit before year end.

2) At the courts….hard copies of events and announcements

3) Announcement about the Pickleball Channel website.

4) A thank you to Club members Pat and Rocky Kane.

5) Passing of Linda Christiansen, a local ambassador of Pickleball

1) Volunteers.  The Club needs volunteers for ball distribution for the months of November & December and volunteers to post the court schedule starting October 1st. Please contact Doug Pusateri.  These are good ways to help the Club and complete your monitoring requirement for 2015. Also look on the website for open monitoring slots. Every year at renewal time we hear the same excuses and then it is a $25 renewal fee for those who do not participate in any volunteering cause.

2) Beside the Club’s website and blast emails we will also post announcements, social events, and other important items on the Club’s bulletin Board and in some cases in sign holders at the monitoring station.

3)  My name is Julie Hansell, and I am the PR representative for, a website that offers personal stories, skills and drills shows, and online resources for pickleball enthusiasts, and is a fantastic community for players, clubs, and ambassadors to connect and share their love for the sport.

In honor of Pickleball History month and pickleball’s 50thanniversary, produced a fantastic new video series, “I ♥ Pickleball,” which delves into the origins of the sport and the players who revolutionized it. Each weekly episode focuses on a different aspect of pickleball’s history, from the “Origins of the Modern Paddle” to “The Original Pickleball Court,” and includes original footage of the evolution of pickleball through the decades.

We would love for you to share this information with your community and encourage them to subscribe to the channel and share their own personal Pickleball stories by emailing  Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your time!

4)  At the end of July, Pat and Rocky Kane came to Munds Park to give a pickleball clinic for our club. Thirty plus people attended the clinic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the clinic. Pat played Wednesday with a group of us and then held the clinic on Thursday. Doug Pusateri would like to thank Pat and Rocky for coming up and helping!

5) The Club is sorry to inform you of the passing of Linda Christiansen. Linda and her husband, Spike, have been involved in the manufacturing and sale of Pickleball equipment for many years. Linda was a great ambassador for the sport and a friend to all who met her. She will be missed by all.

Dennis Raggi
President SCG Pickleball Club

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