Important Reminders

What’s in this email?

1) Reminder: Winter Schedule and Activities Start October 1st.

2) More Monitoring Time slots open up October 1st

3) Reminder: One person monitoring per Time Slot

4) First Club Meeting this fall, Time and Place Changed

5) Pickleball Club’s Website Important Topics

1) Reminder: Winter Schedule starts October 1st. Please, especially if you are new to the Club, go to the website, then “Activities” then “Calendar of Events”, then “October” to see all the events and their timeslots. Remember starting October 1st, the courts are open 7:00am to 10:00pm, with two drop-in slots, 9:00am to noon and then 2:00-4:00pm. Also, guests are only allowed during the period June 1 through September 30.

2) More Monitoring Time Slots Starting October 1st.  Just a reminder with the afternoon drop-in again in effect this year we need monitors from 2-4:00pm Monday-Friday. Again, another way of completing your monitoring requirement to save on renewal membership fees.

3)  REMINDER: One monitor per time slot. If two members sign up at the same time only one will get monitoring credit. We say this because looking at the September and October monitoring schedules we are seeing a few time slots with two members signed up at the same time, especially husband and wife.
4) First Club Membership Meeting: Our first Club meeting this fall will be Tuesday, October 20th at 3:00pm in the Palms/Palo Verde Room in the Sonoran Plaza, not at Cimarron! Please mark your calendars because this is important meeting with the nomination of officers for 2016.
5) Pickleball Website:   We would like to give a brief breakdown of our club’s website because we get questions every week about things that are on our website, especially from new members:
There seven basic topics after logging in to our website:
Activities:  Under this heading you will find 1) Monitor Schedule–where a member signs up to monitor: user name “club” password “member” 2)Calendar of Events—where all events, drop-in times, ladders, mixers, etc. are shown for the month.
Social   A new basic topic where all the current Club social events and activities are listed. Currently there are two, please check them out. And from what we have heard from the social directors they are both filling up fast, so don’t miss out on these fun Club events.
Membership: Under this heading are 1) how to join the Club (apps), 2) how to order a name badge, 3) how to order an official Club T-shirt and 4) the Club roster where you can check at any time to see if your monitoring credit has been posted. Please check this before renewing your membership this fall.
Organization: Here you will find 1) Board members, 2) Contacts for all the volunteer positions we have to keep the Club running smoothly. A very good resource. 3) Standing Rules and Procedures…a must read for everyone, especially new members.
Reserve Courts:  The title says it all.
The Game: A great resource guide about the game in general.
These are not all the sub topics under each main heading, but these cover the main topics people either ask us about or cannot find on the website.

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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