Important Announcements And A Correction

What’s in this email?

1) Reminder: General membership meeting, Tuesday October 20th. 3:00 pm. SONORAN PLAZA, PALO VERDE ROOM

2) Correction: Reservations can be cancelled online up to 7 pm the night before, not 8:50 pm.

3) Treasurer’s report for 2015 January 1 through September 30, 2015 posted on website.

1) General membership meeting, tomorrow Tuesday, October 20th at 3:00PM The meeting is in Sonoran Plaza, the Palo Verde Room, which is located as soon as you come into the main entrance of Sonoran Plaza. It is the same building as the Activities and Ticket Desk. This is an important meeting, as the nomination of officers for 2016 will be made. Come meet the candidates.

2) The last cub email stated, “If you are not going to use your reservation please cancel the night prior no later than 8:50 pm.”  In fact, to cancel a next-day reservation online you must do so before 7 pm.

Here are the “Reservation Tips” as listed on the club website.

  • Reservations open at 9:00 PM every night, 7 days and 3 hours in advance.
  • Therefore, to reserve a court one week in advance on Monday, you may make the reservation 7 days and 3 hours in advance, on Sunday at 9:00 pm.
  • Reservations close at 7:00 pm for next day reservations.
  • Cancellations can be done up until 7:00 pm for the next day and up to 7 days in advance for all other days.
  • If you are unable to cancel your reservation for the next day before 7:00 pm, you must go to the courts and scratch your name from the court reservation posting.

3) The Treasurer’s report for January 1 through September 30, 2015 is available on the website. (The username and password used to access the roster are required.)

Dennis Raggi
SCG Pickleball President

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