Nomination and Election of the Grand Pickleball Board

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1) Nomination and election of the Grand Pickleball Board

1) These 2016 Executive Board Officers have agreed to volunteer for their respective positions for 2017. They are as follows:

Steven Berwald President
Bill Murphy Vice President
Carol Willoughby Secretary
John Olson Treasurer

Two of the three Members-at-Large have agreed to volunteer for their positions for 2017.

Peter Hladek
Janice Roberts

One Member-at-Large position is open. At this time we have one member who has agreed to fill the open Member-at-large position, Kathy Crotty.

A club member may nominate themselves or nominate another member in good standing for any board position. You can go on the website to see what board membership entails. If there is anyone who is interested in running for the Member-at-Large position or any other position, please contact one of the Nominating Committee Members listed below:

Linda Durkee –
Gerri Gerard –
Betty Ponto –

Nominations will be presented to the membership at the October 11 Membership Meeting. If we have more than one candidate for any position, we will have a general election for that position at the December 13 Membership Meeting. At this meeting, after a full slate of Board Members has been determined, we will vote on a motion to approve the 2017 Board.

Steve Berwald,
SCG Pickleball President

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