Pick – A – Lympics final results

The first ever pickleball skills Olympics was held yesterday afternoon.  Over 100 club members participated, volunteered or cheered on contestants.  The event could not run without the help of the volunteers and I really appreciate their hard work.  A personal “Thank You” goes to Bob Barczak and Linda Hoggatt for providing much needed technical support and for roaming around the courts during the games and keeping it running smoothly.  I think everyone had fun and realized how important and fun drills can be.
The 10 skills were rated from easy to “I can’t believe I got a zero on that”
The winners of each of the four brackets were:

Women’s Novice – 3.0

  1. Cindy VanGinkel
  2. Patty Jakobe
  3. Jackie Korevec

Women’s 3.5+

  1. Linda Hoggatt
  2. Pam Speer
  3. Dorothy Mazur

Men’s Novice – 3.0

  1. Tim Korevec
  2. Eugene Kit
  3. Terry Martell

Men’s 3.5+

  1. Victor Moreno
  2. Troy Konz
  3. Bob Williams

I hope that this is the start of many other fun little events that the club puts on.
Again, a huge Thank You to everyone.