CAM meeting and court times

Craig and I met with CAM management yesterday, Friday, March 30 to discuss issues with the Pickleball club and court cleaning.  The meeting was chaired by Ken Olson and had most of the CAM management and maintenance staff there.  The meeting went well.  Ken is concerned that there might be warranty and liability issues with us cleaning the courts with our new equipment.  They are all for the savings on the labor, time, and water, but want everything in writing before we continue to maintain our courts ourselves.  The liability issue is just a matter of training club members to use the machines (like the softball club with their power mowers).
Craig and I showed the group, pictures of the debris on the courts and balls, and how it affects the play and the safety of our club members.  Ken took many notes on the pictures and gave the list to Scott Phillips for action.

  • So, on April 4th, the courts will be shut down in the morning while CAM staff clean them.  Ken agreed that we could help the process by having a team of members helping to squeegee off the courts as the maintenance staff finishes each one.  This will mean that the courts would be open as soon as they are dry.  It’s up to us to make it happen faster.
  • I will need 3-5 volunteers to help out, starting at 7 AM on Wednesday morning.  Please let me know if you can help.

Also, starting on April 15th, the club hours will be moving forward by 1 hour.  I will send out another email once we have finalized everything.

Lastly, Val Wilson has asked for our help in finding her lost Hydro Flask.  She left it on the courts a week or so ago and it hasn’t been turned in yet.  It is a 24-ounce lime green water bottle with a sports top and a black carrying case.  If you pull the bottle out of the sleeve, Val’s name is on it with an outline of Washington state.  On the bottom of the bottle, is her phone number.  If you can be on the lookout for it, Val would appreciate it.

Please let me know if there are any concerns or questions.

Thanks for a Grand first three months of the year and for all of you heat chickens, see you when you turn back into snowbirds in the fall.