Agenda Clarification

I feel that I need to clarify an agenda item, after getting numerous emails from club members regarding the agenda item of Court usage for tomorrow’s meeting.

Mike McDonald sent his mixer group an email today, that didn’t tell the whole story and is now causing some people to be upset.  Last year, the Wednesday/Friday night mixer group received 18 dedicated courts for the groups usage during the season.  His group members then reserved additional courts as they were needed.  This resulted in me receiving numerous  phone calls and emails and being called into the CAM offices twice to explain our court usage.  I talked to Mike McDonald a couple of times about these issues during the season, and made suggestions on ways to fix it.

To make it fair to all club members going forward, a proposal to limit dedicated court usage for any non-competitive (mixers, socials, skills, drills) events to 11 courts was passed by the board.

What that means to the Mixer groups is that they have 11 courts blocked off and members of that group must go online and reserve additional courts needed one week in advance, allowing all club members a chance to reserve any of the open courts.  This makes it fair to the entire club.

As for Ladders, League, and Tournaments,  these are competitive events and open to all club members.  These events could block off all 22 courts.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions or misunderstandings.

I look forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’s meeting.