Court Happenings #2

Today our PDP for having a water bottle filler/ice machine was in front of the Board of Directors during their workshop.  From here it will go to the ARC committee next Friday, November 2, at 9:30 AM in the Mediterranean room at the Palm Center.  If it is forwarded, it will be put in front of the Board of Directors for a vote on November 8 at 1 PM in the Sonoran Center.  If today is any indication, we need to have a show of strength at each of these meetings.

A former Board of Director made a statement to the Board that it was a frivolous waste of money to put this machine at the Pickleball courts.  I explained that the machine was less about club members comfort and more about members health and safety.  During June, July and August, we had over 100 members on the courts each day and had a couple of incidents of heat exhaustion.  One required the FD to be called.  Having ice and water close by could potentially save lives.

If you are available on both of these days, it would be great to have your support.