Pickleball Club Updates

Just a couple of items of interest.

  1. The results are in for the Yes/No survey that I sent out asking about replacing the cement tables in the pavilion.  450 people voted and it was a definite NO by 58% of the voters.  I appreciate everyone who took the time to consider this issue.
  2. We are well on our way for holding our Pickleball tournament in December (Dec 13-15).  Things are happening fast and it will be a great event.  Club Members will have the ability to sign up a day earlier than non club members.  Club members can register on July 19th on pickleballtournaments.com.  Go on the website and check it out as we continue to build it.  Linda Hoggatt is doing a fantastic job as our Tournament Director.
  3. We are still looking for more host families to take in any out of town players.  Please contact Laura Darrow at lkdarrow80127@yahoo.com if you have a room to spare.  

I will send out additional emails as we get closer to the registration date.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.