Pickleball Club Rules and Regulations

As everyone knows, pickleball is a very social game.  I totally support this ideal, but I cannot stand by and let club members violate the Charter Club Policies and Procedures that are our guidelines in Sun City Grand.  While playing at the courts tonight, I noticed some issues that need to be corrected.

  1. Chapter 6.2 – Check in – states that all Charter club members are required to swipe in before beginning to play.  We track all of these numbers each month and submit them to CAM.  The rule states that you have to swipe in, not, you can if you feel like it.
  2. Chapter 5.8 – Alcohol – states No alcohol shall be provided, served or consumed in common areas or facilities owned or operated by the Association except as provided through the Activity Department.  So if you buy your alcohol from the golf course or another outlet in Grand, you can drink it in the breezeways, but if you bring your alcohol from home and consume it at the courts, you would be in violation.
  3. Chapter 10.3 – Sanctions should be uniform for club members, but would vary depending upon the degree of seriousness of the violation.  Sanctions are:
    • a letter of warning
    • 14-28 day suspension of membership rights
    • Suspension of membership rights until the violation is cured
    • Termination of membership rights not to exceed one year.

These sanctions can be for an individual or the entire club. We will be talking about these issues at the club members meetings this year and in further email blasts.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.