Here are some changes that have been made yesterday and today.

Guests- I need to clarify the BOD change made yesterday.  A guest is someone who is staying with a club member at their house and can be playing on the club members court while the club member is present.

Benches – You can move the court benches onto the shady side of the court, but they cannot be back to back with the adjoining court.

Personal chairs – They cannot be on the court.  You can put them in the breezeways, 6 feet apart (BOD request).

Number of people on one court – This morning, I had a court and we had 7 people on it.  One was an older player that can only play every other game and another one was someone who had finished their court time and I asked them to stay and play a couple of more games.

Stand by for more changes as the days get hotter.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns Thanks