Up coming changes

This afternoon, the SCG BOD approved our clubs request to modify our re-opening plan.  The new plan is available here. Please take a minute and read through the plan.

Starting Monday, June 15th, courts 13-22 will be used as Drop in courts from 8-11 AM daily (all other courts and times are for reservations only)

There needs to be a monitor each day during the drop in times, so please go on the clubs website and sign up for monitoring.

Again, please read the plan.

In addition, I have made a change to the dirty ball set up (Orange buckets).  There are now two orange buckets inside of each other, with the inner bucket having lots of holes in it.  This is for the ease and handling of taking the now sanitized balls and putting them into the Blue buckets.  Please feel free to refill the clean ball buckets whenever you walk past them. (Anyone can do it).

There will be many other changes coming in the future.
Stay safe and Happy