Drop in and Monitoring

Tomorrow, June 15th will be the first day of Drop In play. Using courts 13-22. There will be a Monitor located by the ball table outside of court 15. The monitor sign will be by the table as well as the monitoring book. Daily monitors will fill out the sheet in the monitor book to get a monitor credit. As this is not a club sponsored activity, the Monitor is there to ensure that club members are maintaining social distancing only. They can help people find an open court if needed, and if there are any issues, the Monitor will report them to me. There is no number of people who can be on the courts and in the breezeway as long as people maintain the 6 foot spacing. Please don’t congregate in one spot. Let’s use common sense as we make changes at the courts.

We still need monitors at the end of June and all of July, so please sign up for a spot on the club website.

It has been pointed out to me that the summer hours are usually from 7-10 AM and I will be asking CAM to let us shift the hours to 7-10AM starting June 29th.

As you can see, we are slowly heading towards some resemblance of normalcy.

There will be much more to follow.
Stay Safe