Court Happenings

You may notice the tables and chairs are now set up in the breezeways. CAM gave their approval to set up a limited amount of chairs and tables around the courts.

You may NOT move any of the tables and chairs as they are currently set up. There are 4 chairs around each table and loose chairs are set up in the breezeway and on courts 21 & 22. CAM has posted signs on each table stating that Masks must be worn when at the table.

People have approached me about the HOA BOD meeting on Saturday to set up a Thursday vote on whether or not to allow outside sports to go back to using one ball on courts. They have not voted yet and when they do, I will let the club know. Their proposal is to use only one ball per court if the players on the court agree to it. We will continue to use the ball cleaning buckets for the foreseeable future.

More and More changes are coming, so stay tuned.

PS- Susan and I are still feeding the Homeless every Friday night. This past Friday, we fed over 60 people and have given away at least 30 bikes so far. They are still in need of socks and coats, so if you want to continue to support our club project, we are still taking donations.

Please let me know if there are any questions