A Bunch of Things

Thankfully, the weather is starting to turn for the better.  Listed below, are a few (quite a few) items of interest for everyone.  Some of them bear repeating and highlighting.

  1. Yesterday, I picked up the clubs mail in the Sonoran Center for the first time since January of 2021(for a long time, the building was closed).  In the stack of mail were renewals and new member sign ups. I apologize to anybody who had issues with signing up or renewing (I think George Cox had contacted all of them). There was also a unsigned letter to me from February asking me to look into some things on the courts.  The first item was club members signing up for courts and then never showing up(I get the same complaint almost daily, nearly 8 months later).  This is a true statement.  Most mornings, all of the courts are reserved, but half of them are empty.  There is no club punishment for doing this, except the scorn of your fellow club members.  It’s really really easy to un-reserve your court.  Let’s help out our fellow pickleball players, shall we?  The other item was about bringing non club members/Grand residents onto the courts(after drop in times) and playing.  This is allowed as long as one club member has reserved a court.
  2. The pickleball magazine that did an article on our club has contacted me and said that our edition will be the November edition, due out in early to mid October.  They will be sending me copies of the November magazine and I will put them out at the courts.
  3. Our new mister system is up and running in the far breezeway after some electrical issues.  We are having CAM look at the nozzles and are asking them to put a timer switch on the system (there have been a couple of days when the mister system was running all day and night).  It is a very welcome addition.
  4. Our first in-person club meeting in more than a year is scheduled for October 12, 2021 from 3-5 PM in the Agua Fria Room at the Cimarron Center – There will be pizza and wings.  
  5. October 1, 2021 will bring about changes to the Drop In times- On the 1st, All of the 22 courts will be designated “Drop In” from 9AM-Noon daily.  
  6. With us going to Drop In courts, there will be a need for Monitors to be on the courts during the drop in times.  Please go on the club website and sign up for a monitor spot.
  7. Volunteers – If we want to have Ladders and Leagues this Fall and Winter, we will need people to volunteer to be Ladder/League Captains.  I have had 2 people volunteer so far.  We need a bunch more.
  8. Craig is also looking for help with his court maintenance staff – He and his crew have been doing a fantastic job keeping the courts clean and ready to play on.
  9. Our proposed club party will be on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 from 4-8PM with an open bar for the first hour, appetizers, salad, hot buffet dinner and desserts.  In addition, Thaddeus Rose Band will be preforming alongside a very funny comedian.  Cost per ticket should be $35.  Tickets will be limited to the first 1000 members.  I will be sending out another email when the tickets go on sale(we are in the process of finalizing the menu for the party.

Let me know if there are any questions.