Court Happenings

A few things are happening at the courts that I wanted to address before the season really starts.

  1. Wear your club badge whenever you are on the pickleball courts – This will help the monitor identify you as a club member – recently, there have been a number of people who have used our courts during the Drop in period who are neither guests of a club member or are residents of Grand.  With almost 1500 members currently, this will become a huge problem during the season if we aren’t vigilant now.  Please don’t be rude about it.  Explain our rules and ask them to leave.
  2. Guests – Can play during Drop in times, only if they are staying with a club member and the club member is present.  During open/reserve court times, you can have guests on the courts as long as they are sponsored by a club member or a Grand resident and the sponsor is with them at the courts.  The guest does not have to be staying with you.
  3. All guests should be signed in the monitor book located in the pavilion.  
  4. Please don’t forget to sign up to be a monitor for Drop In.  Simply go onto the club’s website and sign u on the monitoring calendar.

Let me know if there are any questions.