Help Needed

We are in need of a number of volunteers to help keep the club running smoothly.  

  1. Monitoring – There needs to be (2) monitors each day during the drop in times of 9AM-noon.  Please go on the club’s website and sign up on the monitoring calendar
  2. We are in desperate need of people who have computer skills and who can help out with the club’s IT programs – Web page, Monitoring calendar, Membership renewal/New member support and court scheduling.  Please email Laura Darrow at if you can help out
  3. Drop In Committee – this committee will look at our current Drop In program and come up with solutions/changes.  Please email Laura Darrow at if you want to be a part of the committee.
  4. Pickleball Club Party – we will need groups to set up, tear down, serve the buffet, take tickets and other things. Please email Laura Darrow at if you can help.  

Let me know if there are any questions.