New CAM cards

As a result of the previous blast, many club members have emailed to say that their cam cards do not work. If your card is a “new” card (not in the 1234-001) format, there is no reason to do this. There is no action that the club can take or you can take to make your card work, at least in the near future. If you are on the roster (see below) you are a club member. Cards that the Association’s Membership Office are currently giving out will not work in a magnetic card reader. The information from the previous blast is below if you need to read it again.


  • If you have a cam card with four digits, a dash, and three digits (like 1234-001), your cam card can be swiped in our card readers. If the response is “thank you” your cam number is on our membership roster and your membership is current. If when you swipe the card, the response is “badge not recognized”, the card was read but the cam number was not on our membership roster and your membership may have expired.
  • If you have a CAM card that has a number that is NOT in the 1234-001 format, these cards have a QR barcode on the back of the card and were issued by the Membership Office starting around October. Although there is also a magnetic stripe on the back of the card, this magnetic stripe is blank. When these cards are swiped in the card readers at the courts (or any other magnetic card reader), the card reader cannot read the card and there is no response (no “thank you” or “badge not recognized”). We think about 130 club members have these type of cam cards.
  • On January 1, club memberships expire if you have not renewed. If you have a cam card number like 1234-001 and the card reader responds “Badge not Registered”, your cam number is not on the membership roster. To check your membership status without using the card readers, you can consult the roster of current members ( user=club password=member, all lower case. 
  • To renew, the membership application is here (
  • If you are not on the membership roster and you think this in error, contact the Membership Chair here (
  • Please wear your club name badge while at the courts and, if you have a cam card that is recognized by the readers, you should continue to swipe your card every time you are at the courts.