Upcoming Changes 2

Some upcoming changes are happening.

  1. Court reservations will be in 1 1/2 blocks starting Monday, October 3rd.  Please be aware that for any court reservations made for October 1st and 2nd will still be in 2 hour blocks. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.
  2. INTRODUCTORY PICKLEBALL LESSONSARE BEGINNING ON OCTOBER 6, 2022If you are new to the game of pickleball and are interested in taking Introductory Lessons, or if you know folks who are, here’s what to do:Go to our website, grandpickleball.org
  • Hover your cursor over the “Activities” tab (second from left) to access the menu
  • Click on “Introductory lessons” (the 4th item in the drop-down menu)
  • Scroll down to “Click Here to Sign Up for Introductory Lessons”

Follow all prompts from there to sign up.

Each participant is allowed to attend two sessions, so feel free to sign up on two separate days.    

Please read all instructions carefully.

Please bring your Cam card on the day of your lesson.

We look forward to seeing you.

Mel Langer (mlanger1@cox.net)

Jeanne Harteau (jharteau@yahoo.com)

Introductory Lessons Coordinators and Clinic Coordinators