Court Happenings 3

A change has been made to the court reservation page this morning that affects anyone who has already made a court reservation through Tuesday October 4.  You will notice that your reservation has been changed to an hour and a half time period.  This was the lesser invasive solution than shutting down the reservations for an 8 day period.  We figured that our members could adapt to the change.  The people affected were mostly the members who made a 7 AM court reservation and the new program shifted it to start at 7:30AM instead.
Yes, you can start at 7AM as originally scheduled. 
Starting on October 5, 2022, there will be only a 90 minute option to reserve courts.

You will also notice that the courts are being re-numbered this week (see earlier email) and that we are starting the new monitoring program as well.  
Drop in courts changes to all courts on October 1 and runs from 9AM to noon.  Courts are designated by skill level
On October 1, we will have 3 slots available to monitor during drop in (Please go on our website and sign up to monitor.  We need bodies).  The plan is to have a monitor in each breezeway to help facilitate with drop in.
There will be more on monitoring and volunteering in a later email blast

Thanks, and sorry for any confusion