Club In-House Tournament Notes

The end of sign-ups for “Grand Games II” is just around the corner (November 10). The primary goals are to have fun and raise money for a food bank as Thanksgiving approaches. 

We are excited to be back to our more normal pickleball playing options including having tournaments twice a year.  We also are glad to welcome back our snowbirds.

This members-only tournament has limitations, particularly when it comes to some high skill-level brackets, so we expect we will have to do some combining of levels. We also are expecting our members to voluntarily place themselves at the level that accurately reflect their true ability – their playing ability not their strategic placement ability. 

This is a tournament, so it’s natural to want to win. But the true win is the support of a worthy charity and enjoying a fun day together. 

I encourage you to let us know if you need to be moved into a more appropriate level of play.  We are paying attention and know the level of friends you typically play with. 

Thanks for helping raise money for charity and for keeping play fair and fun.