Tournament News and Raffle

I want to thank all of the volunteers, sponsors, players and all of the club members who made our In-House tournament a huge success over the last two days.
Susan and I followed the tournament through The Den app on our computer, watching the brackets progress and while it wasn’t the same as being there, we were able to enjoy it.
Verlin Chalmers took control of the tournament from the very beginning and using the new Pickleball Den program, ran one of the smoothest events that I have ever seen.  Verlin was the person who has spent the last 10 months learning, installing, signing people up, running ladders and so much more.  This tournament truly could not have run without Verlin’s oversight and leadership. 
Thanks to our sponsors:
Nancy Muslin of Long Realty (provided all of the water)
Mike and Cheri Cameron of Home Smart Realty
Gasser Dental
Laura Fenton Kovanda (Gear Box paddles and clothing)
Desert Sun Embroidery (provided the tournament t-shirts)

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of the volunteers (too numerous to mention) who spent hours helping out wherever needed.  You will be receiving a 2023 monitor credit for all of your hard work.  

To all of the players and medal winners, Congratulations and I hope that you had a fun experience.  We are collecting all of the pictures that were taken and will have them posted on the club’s website soon.

We are still adding up the money received from the raffle, donations, food sales and sponsors and should have a total amount of what we will be giving to St Mary’s Food Bank shortly. 
Again, I can’t tell you how proud I am of the entire pickleball club for making this event such a huge success 

Listed below are the raffle ticket numbers and how to get your prize
Raffle drawing on Nov. 15, 2022, at Grand Games II 
presented by Grand Pickleball Club

Below is the list of items that were raffled off and the winning raffle ticket number for each item on the list. The drawing was held at 12:15pm at the pickleball courts. 4 of the items were given to the winners who were present at that time.

If you have the winning ticket for one of these items, please contact
Eileen Saunders at and include a picture of your ticket number.

Red                1866096           Selkirk paddle and case: Project 002 Invikta (black/red)
Blue               1755830          Selkirk paddle: S2 2.0 Vanguard (black/blue)
Red                1865814          Gearbox paddle: CX11 Control (orange and black)
Blue               1755965          Gearbox ladies’ jacket (black)
Blue               1754499          Gearbox lady’s shirt (blue)
White             3731637          Gearbox ladies skirt (black)
Blue               1755634          Franklin Pickleball-X paddle bag
White             3731688          Gearbox backpack, hat, pair of socks
Blue               1755852        “42” small travel bag for personal items/toiletries
Blue               1755838           Mesh travel bag, Gearbox hat, wristbands

Blue               1755505           Gearbox backpack
Red                1865863           Gearbox backpack
Blue               1755067           Gearbox small bag with visor
Red                1865888           Gearbox paddle (green and black)