CAM Card Issue – especially after 2023 membership renewal

It has come to our attention that many members are not using the CAM Card number, as it appears on their CAM Card, on the  applications to renew dues. The number on the actual card is your CAM Number. DO NOT USE THE NUMBER CAM REQUIRES TO LOG INTO SUN CITY GRANDS WEBSITE.

If you already submitted your application and did not use the actual number on your card, you must complete the Roster Update Request Form on the clubs website, under the Membership tab. 

To update your CAM Card number on the club roster, go to and click on the Membership tab and select Roster Update Request Form.  You may also click on this link:  When I receive the completed form I will update the roster.

Until this is completed, your CAM Card will not be read in the court’s card readers and you may be denied play during club sponsored events. Please complete the form ASAP.

The requirement to use the CAM Card number as it appears on your card was in the instructions. It is extremely important to read the instructions before completing the application.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional help.

George Cox

Membership Chair

SCG Pickleball Club