Sticker Party Saturday January 21st 9:00 – Noon

This Saturday, January 21 from 9AM until Noon in the Pavilion, we will be having our Third Sticker Party.  What is a Sticker Party you ask?  It is where we hand out the 2023 stickers for your badges.  All you have to do is bring your CAM card, swipe in and get your sticker.  We will have computers handy to check the roster if your card doesn’t work.  We may also be able to renew you as well (If we are not swamped). 

The Cameron’s will be providing coffee and donuts as long as they last. 

All of the current board members will have stickers with them as will Susan Konz and Gary and Betty Ruege.

If your CAM card does not work in our readers, it’s one of two problems.  First, your CAM numbers are not the same as the one in our roster.  To fix this problem, go on the roster (User = club PW = member) and check it.  If the numbers match exactly on both, then your stripe is damaged somehow (This would be a CAM issue, please don’t run to CAM and request a new card.  Just let us know).  If the numbers are different, then you have to go on the club’s website and under the membership tab, fill out the roster update request form.