Another Life Saved!

Below is an email that I received this week and need to share it with everyone. 
I do believe that we are now in double digits for lives saved due to our AED training.   
Tom Zmugg and his team of volunteers are doing a great job teaching the class. 

Classes are Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s at 10 AM in the pavilion. 

 Here is the Email I received:

“I took the club AED training a few months ago and put part of it to use Tuesday morning in Mexico when my biking buddy suffered what I later learned was a massive heart attack. We had stopped for coffee when he slumped on the counter and fell to the floor. Two bystanders helped me lay him out but none of us could find a pulse. Only from my recent pickleball club training did I know the importance of and have the confidence to immediately start chest compressions after pointing to one of the servers and yelling for her to call 911 (yep, it works there too for at least the last few years). One of the locals took over from me doing chest compressions and stayed on Dan until the paramedics arrived a few minutes later. They hooked him up to their AED and followed its direction. The coffee shop is only a few hundred yards from the hospital in Nuevo Vallerta so they were on scene very quickly. He suffered a second heart attack in the hospital and was transferred shortly thereafter to another hospital better equipped for the ensuing heart surgery.

The attending doctor told his daughter he survived only because chest compressions started immediately. He repeated that to me a day later when he recognized me as the guy who answered his questions when he met the ambulance.

I share this with you with the hope and knowledge you will continue to beat the “get trained” drum within our club. Please also extend my deepest gratitude to our course trainers. This is a very good family friend their training helped save this week. He did suffer some heart damage, but all other organs and brain function appear unscathed, and we will ride again.

His iWatch notified his daughter in Seattle of his fall and when he didn’t answer her call and texts, she called me knowing we were in the area. She and her husband were on the next flight.” 

This type of email makes me proud to be a SCG Pickleball Club Member.