Upcoming Clinics


Hi Everyone,

We’re a little late this year, because a number of our instructors are winter visitors from Canada who did not arrive until very recently. Moreover, with the myriad of club activities taking place, it was difficult to find time slots that work for the majority of our attendees, and instructors as well.

With that said, here are the particulars:

3.0 clinics will be conducted on Friday between 1:30-3:00 p.m.

2.0/2.5 clinics will be held on Saturday between 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Starting date is January 27, 2023 and closing date is April 1, 2023.

Please note: The 2.0/2.5 clinic will replace the new players drop in currently held during that time.

We will use courts 15-22. Come to the breezeway closest to Mountain View Blvd.

Please arrive 15 minutes early, so that we can start promptly at 1:30. This year we are restricted to 90 minutes for clinic time. This dovetails with the current court reservation system for the same 90 minute time frame.

Based on comments, input, information provided by previous attendees, and instructors, we are listing the requirements for clinic participation. This is done to insure that everyone has a productive clinic experience.


If you arrive on time, you will not be turned away. If you are late, we may not be able to take you.

You must stay for the entire 90 minutes.

These clinics are instructional. If you do not want guidance, please do not attend. Clinics are not for those who just “want to play”.

The clinics are for pickleball club members. You must wear your name tag in a place where it can be easily seen. If you are not a club member, then you may participate in a maximum of three club events.

If you cannot serve, or return a serve at least 50% of the time, the clinics are not for you. We suggest that you join us for Intro to Pickleball Lessons, held every Thursday between 12:00-2:00 p.m. on courts 1 and 2. You must sign up for these on our website. If you have already taken the 2 ( maximum ) lessons, then we suggest that you reserve a court with a partner, and practice your serve, and/or return of serve. Once you have mastered that, then come to the clinics.

Your participation gives us the right to constantly evaluate your progress, and move you up or down,  so we can get you properly placed.

If there are any questions, please email either Jeanne Harteau at jharteau@yahoo.com or Mel Langer at mlanger1@cox.net

We are excited to get started, and look forward to seeing you.

Mel Langer/Jeanne Harteau
Club Training Directors

See you around the courts.