Den Update

A Den Update for February

To Create a Den Account that is connected to our Grand Pickleball Club, we must have entered you in the Den’s Database – otherwise if you create an account – you won’t see our Club. We are adding names as soon as possible as long as each player has a unique email address.

Instructions on how to create an account – add an app-like button on your phone – join sub-clubs – sign-up to play – enter your self-ratings etc., are all found on The Den section under Den Instructions on our, web site.

Currently we use the Den to run three competitive events and one just for fun events:
Ladies Ladder – Monday Noon to 1:30 (For women 2.5+)
Men’s Ladder – Tuesday Noon to 1:30 (For men 2.5+)
Luck of the Draw – Saturday Noon to 1:30 (A non-competitive round robin format for 2.5+)

New This Month: Team Shootout – Monday Evening 6:00-7:30 (A Competitive event for two-person teams, where at least one player is a woman. Players are responsible for forming their own two person teams.)  We are already using 18 courts for this new program.  Starts February 13.

NOTE: New Rules for Ladders and Shootouts have just been posted on our website – All current and potential players should read the WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW section under Activities > Ladders/Shootout.

That section will explain the entire process for participating in our competitive events.
Come join the fun!

Have fun, play pickleball.