Court updates and Thanks

I want to thank all of the volunteers who showed up this morning and spent the next 3 + hours cleaning and reorganizing your pickleball courts.  The chairs, tables and cushions were all cleaned and repaired (if needed).  The ball holders are now located outside of each court in the breezeway by the gates (they are out of the direct sunlight).  
Again, Thank You to the 20+ volunteers who gave their time and energy to make our courts better.  

Now, for some bigger news – We now have the dates for the replacement of the windscreens, the court resurfacing and the parking lot painting.  

Starting October 2 thru 15, General Acrylics will begin cleaning, painting the courts and putting up new windscreens.  I don’t know how many courts will be open or closed yet but will send it out when I receive it.  
On October 5 thru 6, another company will be resealing. painting and lining the parking lot.  
So, you see that the first 2 weeks of October will be busy around the courts.  

I will send out more info as I receive it.

See you around the courts.