Pickleball Courts Resurfacing Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on the courts being resurfaced.
Please read this email and the other 3-4 emails that will be sent out today and tomorrow.

Today General Acrylics told us their plans for finishing the courts.  They have started with courts 1-8 and have taken down the nets, power washed the courts over the next 2 days, they will fix what needs to be fixed on those 8 courts, resurface, line, and place new nets back on those courts and re-open them. 

They will next move on to courts 9-16, starting next Monday (Oct 9) and repeating this process and finishing with courts 17-22 the next Monday (Oct 16).  Once all of the courts have been resurfaced, GA will replace the wind screens. 

This plan means that 12 to 14 courts will be available for use each week.  We all need to be patient over the next 3 weeks.

See you around the courts.