Court Updates #3

Just a quick email to update everyone on the status of the pickleball courts.  

The courts have been resurfaced and are in use except for courts 20 and 22.  
The old nets that were given to us do not fit.  We are trying to fix them, but no promises.  
General Acrylics will have new nets for us in the next 2-3 weeks.  
They are coming back to repaint the new breezeway and replace the windscreens (Not sure when – next week, the following week, Thanksgiving???).  

The monitor book (located in the pavilion) has been updated with the changes that have been made along with the 2024 dues.  If you are monitoring, please read through the book.  

If you are wanting to sign up to monitor, please go on the clubs website and signup under the Membership Tab and click on the monitor tab. 
Please do not try and sign up for monitoring using Court Reserve. 

Badges – There are quite a few badges in the badge box (located in the pavilion).  Please pick yours up soon.  We will be removing badges that have been in the box for 6 months or more.

See you around the courts.